About RWS

ReadWriteServe–Partnership for Literacy Action Initiatives brings together UNC Charlotte and community-based resources to address increasingly complex literacy needs of students and their families in the Southeastern U.S. through service, research and community-based programs that are culturally relevant and focused on community needs.

ReadWriteServe is a program of the Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC Charlotte which focuses on developing instruction to make literacy and learning relevant and effective for adolescents and those who work with them.  The Center also conducts and supports research and service in support of its primary mission.

It is the mission of the Center for Adolescent Literacies (CAL) at UNC Charlotte to advance the literacy achievement of adolescents in urban school settings and to develop pedagogies for adolescents and those who work with them to prepare them to be productive and empowered 21st century citizens.  Specifically, the objectives of our center are as follows:

  • To provide community outreach
  • To build cultural understanding and awareness
  •  To promote community* engagements
  • To encourage civic engagement through service learning
  • To equip teachers, parents and preservice teachers with knowledge, skills, and dispositions for supporting and scaffolding adolescent literacy and service learning
  • To develop and provide collaborative professional development to promote adolescent literacy
  • To encourage collaborative involvement among all stakeholders (including teachers, students, parents/guardians and university faculty).

For more information about the Center for Adolescent Literacies, check out our website at literacy.uncc.edu.


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