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Two metaphors for reading that can help us be better tutors

In this post, we look at literacy tutoring through the lens of two metaphors. The first metaphor suggests that reading is like a mathematical equation in which the whole of reading is the sum of its parts. The second uses a cooking metaphor … Continue reading

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Article promotes importance of letting kids choose their own books

In this piece published in the Washington Post (Sept. 8, 2014), Joanne Yatvin, a one-time Principal of the Year in Wisconsin and past president of the National Council of Teachers of English, makes a powerful case for letting kids pick … Continue reading

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Tutoring videos show and tell

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. We haven’t checked the math but keeping that in mind ReadWriteServe has worked with our community and campus partners at UNC Charlotte to create videos to help tutors working … Continue reading

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Just read! Tips for when you aren’t tutoring (or when you are)

Tutoring provides much needed support for those who struggle with reading–scaffolding to help learn vocabulary, comprehend new texts, build fluency and decode challenging words. At its best, tutoring meets a child at his or her point of need and provides … Continue reading

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3 Tools for Teaching Vocabulary

In a recent post (Words, words, words: Do’s and Don’ts of Vocabulary Tutoring), we outlined some do’s and don’ts for teaching vocabulary. These include: Do teach words that matter. Don’t teach too many words at a time. Do teach some of the most common … Continue reading

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Majoring in the Majors: the Big Five in Literacy Tutoring

You’re all set to begin tutoring–you’ve lined up a child with whom to work and you’ve got a place to tutor–but where to begin? Well, it depends. Ideally, literacy tutoring should focus on the area or areas that a child … Continue reading

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