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Love at first “sight”: Teaching high-frequency sight words

English is a word lovers dream! Linguists believe English has the largest vocabulary of the 6,000 languages on Earth. On June 10, 2009 the Global Language Monitor noted that English language passed the million word threshold (the millionth word was … Continue reading

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3 Tools for Teaching Vocabulary

In a recent post (Words, words, words: Do’s and Don’ts of Vocabulary Tutoring), we outlined some do’s and don’ts for teaching vocabulary. These include: Do teach words that matter. Don’t teach too many words at a time. Do teach some of the most common … Continue reading

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Words, words, words: Do’s and Don’ts of Vocabulary Tutoring

Words, words, words. Language and reading run the gamut from sounds and symbols (letters, syllables) to larger units of meaning including sentences and paragraphs. Put enough of those together and you get an email, poem, novel or encyclopedia. But one of … Continue reading

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