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A model for active reading and tutoring

Learning to read is not unlike learning to play an instrument. Both require time, materials, and instruction. As for time, we know that for both early experiences matter–for readers early experiences with books that come from adult read aloud from … Continue reading

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Two metaphors for reading that can help us be better tutors

In this post, we look at literacy tutoring through the lens of two metaphors. The first metaphor suggests that reading is like a mathematical equation in which the whole of reading is the sum of its parts. The second uses a cooking metaphor … Continue reading

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Questions you should always ask in tutoring

Our approach in the ReadWriteServe tutoring programs does not rely on scripts or formulas. We don’t talk about one-size-fits-all approaches because we don’t work with students who have the same needs. We don’t have a formulaic approach to most things … Continue reading

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A Flexible Framework for Tutoring

“So, what’s the best approach to tutoring?” is a question that often comes up in discussions about tutoring. While there isn’t a single answer to that question, there are differing approaches. Let’s look at three that most tutoring falls into: … Continue reading

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Majoring in the Majors: the Big Five in Literacy Tutoring

You’re all set to begin tutoring–you’ve lined up a child with whom to work and you’ve got a place to tutor–but where to begin? Well, it depends. Ideally, literacy tutoring should focus on the area or areas that a child … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Students (and how to meet their needs)

In recent months I have had the privilege of tutoring two students each with his or her own set of challenges with reading. I want to share some strategies and ideas that have helped these students in our tutoring time. … Continue reading

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