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Changing “Hen to Fox,” “Hike to Chase” & Struggle to Success!

In the last post, we looked at some activities to build words that tutors can use with learners who need some help with letters, sounds, sound patterns and how they go together to make words. In this post, we’ll look … Continue reading

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Love at first “sight”: Teaching high-frequency sight words

English is a word lovers dream! Linguists believe English has the largest vocabulary of the 6,000 languages on Earth. On June 10, 2009 the Global Language Monitor noted that English language passed the million word threshold (the millionth word was … Continue reading

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Two metaphors for reading that can help us be better tutors

In this post, we look at literacy tutoring through the lens of two metaphors. The first metaphor suggests that reading is like a mathematical equation in which the whole of reading is the sum of its parts. The second uses a cooking metaphor … Continue reading

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A checklist for making a good first impression, Part 3

This is the third and final post about helping tutors get tutoring off to a good start with new students (learners). In parts one and two, we looked at creating a plan for the first session or two to help establish … Continue reading

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Say Something: A great partner reading strategy for improving comprehension

Working with a student who just doesn’t get it when he or she reads? Many students struggle with comprehension–it’s a common challenge among struggling readers and something all developing readers are working on. One thing tutors can do is just … Continue reading

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Taking Volunteer Literacy Tutor Training on the road!

The United Way and the Center for Adolescent Literacies are taking our Volunteer Literacy Tutor Training on the road! We are excited to announce THREE upcoming volunteer tutor training sessions! Please use the following links to register: Tuesday Sept. 22 … Continue reading

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Article promotes importance of letting kids choose their own books

In this piece published in the Washington Post (Sept. 8, 2014), Joanne Yatvin, a one-time Principal of the Year in Wisconsin and past president of the National Council of Teachers of English, makes a powerful case for letting kids pick … Continue reading

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